The Stem Cell Report with Martin Pera

Hans’ Iliad: Troy, Adult Stems, and the Epithelia

September 13, 2021 Season 1 Episode 6
The Stem Cell Report with Martin Pera
Hans’ Iliad: Troy, Adult Stems, and the Epithelia
Show Notes

In this episode, sponsored by Bio-Techne, Drs. Hans Clevers and Kai Kretschmar join the podcast to talk broadly about the role of adult stem cells in tissue maintenance and repair. Specifically, they will focus on the expression and function of Troy and stem cells in the development and homeostasis of the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, that functions as a protective mechanical and biological barrier against injuries, pathogens and the loss of heat and water.

Hans Clevers, MD, PhD, is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research and at the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. He is also University Professor at the University Utrecht and Oncode Investigator. Both in the Netherlands. 

Kai Kretzschmar, PhD, is junior group leader at the MSNZ University Hospital Würzburg, Germany 

Martin Pera, PhD – Editor-in-Chief, Stem Cell Reports and The Jackson Laboratory
Twitter: @martinperaJAX

Supporting Documents
Troy/Tnfrsf19 marks epidermal cells that govern interfollicular epidermal renewal and cornification

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